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Welcome to Welwyn Roman Baths, a small part of a larger Roman villa known as Dicket Mead, dating from around 250AD. The villa lies 0.5km east of today's Welwyn village, where there was also a Roman settlement.

The site was discovered in 1960 and excavated by the local archaeological society before the construction of the A1(M). Driving along the motorway at Junction 6 you may be completely unaware that 9 metres below lies the Welwyn Roman Baths, one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in Hertfordshire, skilfully preserved in a steel vault where the temperature remains a constant 10 degrees. Access is via a tunnel set in the motorway embankment and a walk along an entranceway lined with original Roman tiles. Archaeologists believe the whole site contained at least 4 buildings, some of which have never been excavated. Welwyn Roman Baths sat at the end of one of these 4 main buildings. Come and explore it for yourselves!

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